King of the Worker Bee's EP

by Mutado Pintado

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Natalia Kamia
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Natalia Kamia The voice is extraordinary! Perfectly instrumented- particularly like the funky style, uncrowded, clearly structured, leaving enough space for the stream of consciousness (of the listener as well) to be effective. Strongly psychedelic! Favorite track: King of the Worker Bee's.
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released May 1, 2012

King of the Worker Bee (Matthewdayone Mix)
Produced by Matthewdayone
Bass by Steve Jones

Disco Lullaby
Keyboards & Backing Vocals by Cloudy Truffles



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Mutado Pintado London, UK

Vocalist for Paranoid London, Warmduscher, Save, and more...

"Imagine the bastard child of Studio 54 meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas hero, Dr Gonzo and you’re still not even close." Grace Wood Lilac

"A welcome introduction to someone who looks set to be one of the more interesting new acts of the moment." -Indie London
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Track Name: King of the Worker Bee's (Matthewdayone Mix)
Ding a Ling a Ling,
Wake up man its a wonderful day
I can feel it in my toes,
no need for snooze Im already up
grab my shirt grab my socks grab my cloths
To a rainy grey street I go all alone,
When it hits me,
A ray a light
To my brain in my bones,
Through a cloud all alone
And suddenly the sounds of rats racing
City high heels click clacking
Turn to beats Children laughing, Girls dancing,
Yuppy Bags Packing
And off I go with my dream guiding,
Down the stairs in my mind Im flying,
To a train pushed tight into place,
teeth kissing in my face,
I Don't Care, Im awake,
Sweaty body parts rubbing up and down on my legs,
I don't care, its ok, what a beautiful day.

Oh what a beautiful morning, what a beautiful day,
Sun is shining on my brains on my bones oh
Oh What a wonderful journey, what a wonderful world,
Make a buck, blow a g, break a ho Oh........
Track Name: Disco Lullaby
Glowing red signs, chinese writings,
Lower east side loft space happenings,
Living our lives like written tragedy
Knowing inside there's no time left to dream
Move on, don't go slow

Tuesday late night, Blister parties
Losing our minds, Filter 14
Changing our lives, oh so happily
No money in site, but rich with memories

Move on, Don't look back
Move on, Don't look back

Stay strong, don't look back
Its time to move on, I must go
We can be strong in this messed up disco
We know its time to go

He's the last cowboy left in disco

Move on Don't look back

Stay strong, Don't look back
We know it can't last forever
I know its time to go
I can be strong in this messed up disco

He's last cowboy left in disco